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Using Games to Assess Oesophageal Voice



International Article of Science and Advanced Technology , 2012 Vol. 2 ( 3 ), p.


This work deals with the design and development of a multimedia game for the assessment of oesophageal voice during the learning stage of the rehabilitation process. Patients who have undergone a laryngectomy as a result of larynx cancer produce oesophageal speech. The game consists of a graphic interface specially designed to use in local and remote PCs. In this application each user can access the session by introducing an identity card number and password. Therefore, each user’s database will not be changed for the data of other users. Once the user is authenticated, he/she can interact with the game. The user can record his/her own voice in different sessions. After that, the voice assessment can be obtained by measuring the most relevant parameters accepted by the international community: Pitch, Jitter, Shimmer and HNR (Harmonic to Noise Ratio)

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