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Enabling NFC Technology for Supporting Chronic Diseases: A Proposal for Alzheimer Caregivers.



Diego López de Ipiña González de Artaza
Carmen Fuentes
Ramón Hervás
Gregorio Casero
José Bravo
Rocío Peña
Marcos Vergara


AMI (), 2008 (), p. 109-125 , -.,, 2008


Alzheimer’s disease makes great demands on care by caregivers, since they cannot distract their attention from patients while they are managing records at the same time. For this reason, technologies to complement this process need to be considered. In this work we propose to adapt Near Field Communications (NFC), applying it to an Alzheimer’s day centre. With a simple interaction, which involves touching tags with mobile phones, it is possible to manage the information easily. In addition, a complement for Alzheimer care visualization activities at home and monitoring is presented.

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