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Empowering wireless UPnP devices with WebProfiles



(), 2005 (), p., -.,, 2005


Our surrounding environment is changing day after day. Almost in an unperceivable way, even though steadily, more and more little computing and communicating devices are populating our homes, workplaces, clothes, streets or cars. All these devices need a common architecture to communicate, self-organise and cooperate, being one of such architectures Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). Wireless UPnP is the appropriate technology for mobile devices that roam around, creating and partaking in ad-hoc networks emerging everywhere. But UPnP still uses an interaction model with the environment not suitable for present users' needs that require more intelligence around them, as stated in the concept of Ambient Intelligence (AmI). Issuing commands continually such as open the door, turn on the light, or play the movie using some kind of universal controller such as a PDA or mobile phone, only relieves the user from having physical contact with the device, but not from completely free him from directing and coordinating the action. In this paper we propose the use of the WebPro¯les model to extend UPnP capabilities enabling wireless UPnP devices to act in response to user's preferences, adapting the environment without being explicitly commanded, and so, getting closer to the new, more subtle interaction model with the activated world

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