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Capturing Mobile Devices Interactions Minimizing the External Influence



(), 2011 (), p. 200-205 , -.,, 2011


Mobile computing has become an integral part of everyday life for the new 'Information and Knowledge Society'. The new generation of mobile devices and their full connection capabilities enable users to access a wide choice of services and knowledge from everywhere. Owing to this tendency, access to these services has to be improved by developing mobile device interaction models according to the user necessities. According to the ISO/IEC 9126 standard, the quality in use exists inside the quality fields. This kind of quality measures how a product can satisfy the needs of a particular user to achieve specific goals in a specified context. By the revealed quality testing methods focused on mobile applications, it is going to demonstrate it is possible to decrease the external influence caused by the existing capturing tools. Therefore, the contribution revealed is a new approach to user interaction focused on mobile applications where it is possible to improve its results reliability capturing the quality in use and paying special attention to the context of use. In order to do so, we present a study about how to minimize the external influence capturing user interactions. We describe capture methods and existing monitoring systems and also one prototype in order to validate the proposed methodology. This work reveals it is possible to gather user interaction information in mobile environments without the need of any external capturing system.

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