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Addressing the Billing Needs for the Internet of Services and Things



IADIS (), 2010 (), p. 579-582 , -.
, 2010


The deployment of the Internet of Services and the Internet of Things (IS&IT) is a challenge that goes hand on hand with the convergence of a global system of telecommunications. This migration, also known as the emergence of the Next- Generation Networks and Services, is based on all-IP enabling technologies. Such networks transfers voice, data, and multimedia traffic over the Internet, providing users with the information they want in any format, amount, device, place or moment. Still, there are many issues to solve until accomplishing a complete deployment of the IS&IT. For instance, one of the main constrains for its deployment is the lack of appropriate business models and enabling technologies such as all-IP. Among the challenges of these constrains, we focus on the problems of billing. In this way, we introduce the problem of billing of Services and Things presenting the aims and motivations for performing this PhD research. We also detail the used methodology, the reason that motivates this work research and the work done so far.

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