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A Hybrid and Semantic Location Management System for Mobile User Generated Geo Services



Jorge Pérez
Diego López de Ipiña González de Artaza
Christian Guggenmos
Guillermo Gil


(), 2010 (), p., -.,, 2010


The success of mobile location-based services depends considerably on the underlying location determination system. In fact, the localisation of mobile devices can be achieved through a multitude of location detection methods, from GPS to cell triangulation. We present a location management system, which integrates these heterogeneous location capture methods into one consistent, homogeneous, semantic location model. The notion of a MUGGES Location integrates physical, symbolic, and semantic features of locations. This ensures a consistent location model in which users can cooperate under sophisticated location-aware restrictions. We resemble the semantics of MUGGES Locations in different ontologies to account for different aspects of location relations. Such ontologies can be used to infer relations about MUGGES Locations and to support filtering and searching of relevant location-based services in a mobile environment. We will evaluate this location model in the MUGGES project, which aims at providing an infrastructure for peer-to-peer mobile user-created micro-services.

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