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Use of the Energy Box acting as an ancillary service



Christos Ioakimidis
Luis José Oliveira


EEM (), 2011 (), p. 574 - 579 ,
.,, 2011


"The ancillary services are a group of power markets with the objective to support the basic services of generating capacity, energy supply and power deliver. The identification of the ancillary services depends on the grid itself and the regulation of the energy market. The possibility of the use of an Energy Box (EB) to work as an ancillary service to place bids on the Portuguese tertiary market is suggested in this work. In Portugal, among other ancillary services, it is chosen to analyze the possibility of the EB to supply power to the ""tertiary reserve"" (reserva terciaria). This reserve is used to replace the secondary reserve allowing it to maintain the level established by the system. It is important to notice that the secondary reserve is negotiated in the previous day according to forecasts of the demand and the probability of generators failure. The tertiary reserve is negotiated posterior so it has a higher cost and requires a fast response time, characteristics that can be matched by the EB. In our paradigm the grid operator would negotiate directly with the aggregator (similar to what happens nowadays with the regular market agents), which would have centralized the biding of all the EB's inside the microgrid and compute the aggregator's bid."

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