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EU DISPOSE: EUropean Market of DIStributed POwer Services

Project of DeustoTech Energy


Duration 2011 - 2011

Supported by Gobierno Vasco

Funding Program SAIOTEK 2011


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Project Manager

Consortium members The project defines and demonstrates the concept of European market of power-distributed services. In this market a wide range of electricity end-users will provide the technical system operator with power release services. These services are based on energy efficiency criteria in the end users facilities. The aim is to achieve a complete design of a new concept that goes beyond the regulated payment for forced electrical power limitation, qualitatively and quantitatively. It expects to incorporate a wide range of consumers, not only large companies, but also small and medium ones, to electrical market management. In this process we will define the range of consumers capable of offering electrical power services, as well as the minimum technical assignments required by the operator.


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