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Easing the Mobility of Disabled People in Supermarkets Using a Distributed Solution.



Pablo Orduña
Xabier Laiseca
Diego López de Ipiña González de Artaza
Aitor Gómez Goiri
Eduardo Castillejo
Sergio Fínez


IWANN (), 2011 (), p. 41-48 , -.,, 2011


People's impairments cause a wide range of difficulties in everyday tasks. Particularly, handicapped people face many challenges both at home, but especially outside it, where their reduced mobility is a burden. Buying in a supermarket can be sometimes troublesome for them and so as to facilitate this task, a product locator application is proposed. This application runs on heterogeneous personal mobile devices keeping the user private information safe on them, and it locates the desired products over each supermarket's map.

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