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The ACROSS project modifies the design of social robotics, blocked in providing predefined services, going further by means of intelligent systems. These systems are able to self-reconfigure and modify their behavior autonomously through the capacity for understanding, learning and software remote access. ACROSS provides an Open-Source development community to exploit different technological advances, some of them initially unconnected with Robotics. Taking advantage of this synergy, ACROSS will be the starting point from which new standards in robot applications will be built. The main technological goals of ACROSS are the following: Improve emotional and cognitive capabilities of Social Robots. Context-awareness perception. Establish discovery, composition and execution services using Autonomic Computing Techniques. Open Source software architecture based on distributed components supported by an Open-Source Development Community. Swarm robotics module.


The CBDP project suggests the creation of context-based digital personalities (DP) as a proxy between digital surroundings and the final user. DPs will benefit from mobile technologies for context-creation, maintenance and usage; and from semantic technologies for formal decisions and verifications. Usage of DPs will simplify everyday interaction between users and digital environments and will provide a framework for implementing value-added services for mobile operators.


he PIRAmIDE project proposes to use user mobile device as a catalizer of the interaction of users with their environment, acting as a sixth sence which aids and assists us facilitating and improving our daily interactions with the objects that surround us in our workplace, home or public administrations.



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