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Etangram: Psychostimulation technology for elderly people on the Tangram game

Project of DeustoTech Life


Duration 2010 - 2010

Supported by Gobierno Vasco

Funding Program GAITEK

País Vasco

Proyect Code

Financed Amount

Total Funds

Principal Researcher

Project Manager

Consortium members ZuentzatBilbomáticaDeustotech Life



eTangram Project has been specially designed for producing a transient increase in psychomotor activity for the elderly. It is based on the Traditional Chinese game Tangram using augmented reality. It is divided into levels which increases their complexity to exercise patient's cognitive functions. The objectives of the project are: - Desing and develop a hardware and a software prototype based on the Tangram game to train the physical capacity and memory of elderly people. - Desing and develop a colaborative tool for patients and specialists. - Monitor objective variables of the patients such as time and errors.

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