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TALIS+ENGINE: Razonamiento Híbrido Cooperativo y Semántico para la Orquestación de Servicios en Entornos Asistenciales

Project of DeustoTech Internet


Duration 2010 - 2012

Supported by Subprograma de Proyectos de Investigación Fundamental

Funding Program Plan Nacional de I+D+i 2008


Proyect Code TIN2010-20510-C04-03

Financed Amount

Total Funds 81.675

Principal Researcher

Consortium members UPMUCLMUniversidad de Alicante



The aim of the TALIS+ENGINE: Cooperative and Semantic Hybrid Reasoning for Service Orchestration in Reactive Environments subproject is to advance in the automatic or semi-automatic service composition within assistive environments with the goal of allowing in a spontaneous manner the environment adaptation to the concrete needs and goals of the user. Such adaptation of environment’s behaviour demands the adoption of cooperative, hybrid (symbolic and connectionist), adaptable and scalable (evolving being aware of the emerging and disappearing devices and their sensing and acting capabilities) intelligence techniques. The concrete objectives pursued by this sub-project of cooordinated project “TALISMAN+: Intelligent system for follow-up and promotion of personal autonomy” will be: Model the assistive needs of users and the reactive assistive capabilities they demand from the environment. Context-awareness perception. Detect and predict the assistive needs in order to act in consequence. React adapting the assistive environment behaviour according to the detected users goals and needs. For further information, please visit the TALISMAN website(

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