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Scheduling schemes among Internet Laboratories ecosystems



REV (), 2011 (), p., -.
, 2011


The challenges of software architectures of Remote Labs have dramatically evolved during the latest years. The priorities of the provided features have also evolved. A key example is scheduling resources. If a rig management framework (such as MIT iLabs, LabShare Sahara or WebLab-Deusto) is provided with a single scheduling scheme, then experiments will have to be adapted to this scheduling scheme. For instance, if WebLab- Deusto only provides queues and has no support for calendar-based booking, all the experiments would have to be reserved through queues. This is an efficient approach when there is a single system, even if it is federated as in the case of MIT iLabs, where two universities have iLabs deployed and they share experiments relying on the iLabs scheduling scheme. However, efforts are being placed in supporting heterogeneous systems where different rig management frameworks can share their resources, responding to complex business models. In these ecosystems, where multiple rig management framework providers take part, the interfaces used to communicate them must support a flexible scheduling system. In this paper the different scheduling schemes used by Remote Labs in the literature are analyzed.

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