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Remodelling of the heating systems of a sports centre based on life cycle assessment. Part I: Boiler replacement



Renewable Energy & Quality Power Journal , 2012 Vol. (), p.


Based on existing installations of heating and cooling of the municipal sports centre of Ordizia (Spain) and its operating data, the remodelling of these facilities has been discussed according to new regulations. In order to facilitate decision-making reform of the facilities, this will be approached from eco-efficiency criteria, i.e. taking into account not only the usual economic and technological criteria (business as usual-BAU), but also integrating the concept of life cycle analysis (LCA) of the installation, allowing therefore to analyze the environmental impact prior to its implementation. The comparison between two types of boilers, the current diesel one and a high performance natural gas equipment, is presented in this first part. In both cases, the major impact has been found during the use stage compared with the stages of construction and dismantling, due mainly to the use of fuel. Thus, the used fuel has great influence on environmental impact, resulting to be the natural gas boiler the best option.

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