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Portable personal RFID databases for AAL-enabled healthcare environments



Xabier Laiseca
Sergio Blanco
Diego López de Ipiña González de Artaza
Ignacio Díaz de Sarralde


(), 2010 (), p., -.,, 2010


The use of passive HF RFID tags in healthcare environments is by no means new. However, RFID tags' user-writable data storage capability is often not used in favour of an over-the-network data access approach. Thus, RFID tags are usually relegated to mere remote data identifiers. This paper explores the potential of actually using the storage capability of an RFID tag as a portable database of the latest events in the life of a patient in an AAL-enabled environment; both from a theoretical approach, encompassing studies on the actual data storage capacity on HF RFID tags; as well as a practical one, describing our proposal for an NFC-powered platform that uses the data-on- tag paradigm to be used in environments where: a) the mentioned portable patient logs can lead to improvements on patient attention and quality of treatment; and b) a continuous data link approach is not technically or economically feasible.

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