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ISMED - Intelligent Semantic Middleware for Embedded Devices

Project of DeustoTech Internet


Duration 2007 - 2010

Supported by Departamento de Educación, Universidades e Investigación, Gobierno Vasco

Funding Program Programa Investigación Básica y Aplicada

País Vasco

Proyect Code

Financed Amount

Total Funds 41250

Principal Researcher

Consortium members Universidad de DeustoMondragon Unibertsitatea



The ISMED project main objective is to provide the infrastructure that facilitates the development and deployment of intelligent cooperative environments equipped by an “ecosystem of embedded devices”. This is, the intelligent cooperation among embedded devices equipped with wireless communication capabilities but low computational features to conform more intelligent, useful and assistive working or living environments. The specific objectives of this project are: Add intelligence through sensing, reasoning and learning to the embedded devices that surround us in the environments we are at during our daily activities. Allow the discovery and cooperation (choreography) of the services offered by those diverse devices to define new composed logical services which concatenate and coordinate the functionality of individual devices. Create a middleware platform easily integrated into conventional embedded devices which adds intelligent cooperative capabilities to them. Open Source software architecture based on distributed components supported by an Open-Source Development Community.

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