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Flexible and Agile Architecture for Internet of ThingsGadgets



Jonathan Ruiz de Garibay
Tomás Campo
Maite Álvarez
Ana Ayerbe


(), 2011 (), p., -.,, 2011


The "Internet of Things" concept refers to the vision that allows transformation of the reality of ordinary physical objects to a new level where they can be used as services available on the Internet bringing you information in order to improve business management systems or people’s quality of life. Research into interaction between common objects and humans becomes relevant in this context. The development of a fast prototype system allows us to reach goals in a more efficient way. In this paper, we present a very simple, agile, useful and flexible architecture to generate demonstrations of the Internet of Things concept. The possible applications are endless and they only depend on people’s imagination. We are going to include three examples to explain our architecture: sharing contacts, conference voting system and a tools monitor.

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