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ElderCare: An Interactive TV-based Ambient Assisted Living Platform



Xabier Laiseca
Sergio Blanco
Diego López de Ipiña González de Artaza
Ignacio Díaz de Sarralde


(), 2011 (), p. 111-125 , -.,, 2011


This paper describes the architecture and components of an AAL-enabling platform, centred around interactive TV (iTV), which combines OSGi middleware, RFID and NFC in order to ease the day to day of dependant or semi-dependant elderly people (its main focus), their care takers and relatives. The end result is an affordable, unobtrusive, evolvable, usable and easily deployable ICT infrastructure which aims to approach the vision of “AAL for All”. This is, it seeks a more widespread adoption of AAL and a better QoS on caretaking through the combination of common hardware, OSGi dynamic service and mobile-aided care data management.

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