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Designing Experiment Agnostic Remote Laboratories



Unai Hernández Jayo
Pablo Orduña
José Manuel Gonzalez
Javier García-Zubia
Elio San Cristóbal
Diego López de Ipiña González de Artaza
Manuel Castro
Ignacio Angulo Martínez
Jaime Irurzun
Sergio Martín


(), 2009 (), p., -.,, 2009


Traditionally, Remote Laboratories have been focused on specific solutions for specific problems. We can find a wide range of Remote Laboratories in the literature, assisting different types of subjects but commonly bound to a restricted set of requirements. Due to this, little attention has been paid on working on a scalable, maintainable, secure, open architecture that addresses the requirements of a wide set of experiments, and that could be open enough to support or adapt itself to new experiments. Furthermore, the use of a technology is usually another requirement that any developer aiming to create a new experiment must fulfill. In this paper, we describe several aspects that might be taken into account when designing a Remote Laboratory architecture, describing the XWL Architecture.

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