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ISSPIT (), 2011 (), p. 484 - 489 ,
, 2011


This paper presents research work carried out into lung cancer taking into account that the number of patients with this pathology increases every year. The authors have developed a new CAD software tool and a complete stack of Computed Tomography image processing algorithms, ail integrated in the same platform, suitable for medical radiologists and oncologists to properly control cancer evolution and to calculate quantitative values for its characterization. At the current moment we have a database on 11 patients who have been successfully tested and a total of 69 lung nodules. The growth rates were classified into 3 main types, slow growth 0.3 mm3/day, medium growth 0.7 mm3/day and high growth rate 1.2 mm3/day. From the 69 nodules studied, 14 were labeled with a slow rate, 25 as a medium rate and 27 with a high rate; 3 of them show no growth or even negative growth. In the future, the database is expected to be enlarged with more patients so that numerical data can be obtained, and more algorithms are expected to be developed including new parameters to complete the statistical studies and mathematical modeling.

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