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AmI-van: RF-based Intelligent Transportation and Integral Management of Pharmaceutical Drug Distribution



Asier Moreno Emborujo
Ignacio Angulo Martínez
Hugo Landaluce Simón
Asier Perallos
Ignacio Julio Garcia Zuazola
Leire Azpilicueta
José Javier Astrain
Francisco Falcone
Jesus Villadangos


SENSORS (), 2012 (), p.,
.,, 2012


This paper describes a telematic system based on an intelligent van which is capable of tracing pharmaceutical drugs over delivery routes from a warehouse to pharmacies, without altering carriers’ daily conventional tasks. The intelligent van understands its environment, taking into account its location, the assets and the predefined delivery route; with the capability of reporting incidences to carriers in case of failure according to the established distribution plan. It is a non-intrusive solution which represents a successful experience of using smart environments and an optimized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) embedded system in a viable way to resolve a real industrial need in the pharmaceutical industry. The combination of deterministic modeling of the indoor vehicle, the implementation of an ad-hoc radiating element and an agile software platform within an overall system architecture leads to a competitive, flexible and scalable solution.

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