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A telematics system for the intelligent transport and distribution of medicines



IET-ITS (), 2012 (), p.,
.,, 2012


A growing demand for well-defined telematics systems inthe intelligent transport distribution of pharmaceutical drugs is envisaged driven by legislative demands to enable the safe handling of medicines in automotive distributions. The provision is accomplished by providing virtual intelligence to vehicles designated for this form ofsmart freighttransportation. The systemprovides anytime/anywhere assets tracking while on the move, from departure to destination, supporting reliable courier operation at lowlabour. The tracking and tracing system provides the vehicle with sufficient intelligence to: be located remotely, track and trace assets, and provide incidence reports. Our architecture is intended to automatically broadcast adaptive logistic-distribution-plans between a central office and a vehicle. The proposed system represents an inexpensive and non-intrusive solution that exploits advanced technologies such as smart environmentsensing, RFID, WiFi, and GPS, to support modern industrial needs. The authors describe and discuss the motivation and the bene?ts of using the system, including new hardware and software developments.

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