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Projects > image processing


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The aim of MELANOTIC is to develop complex algorithms using advanced image processing techniques for dermoscopic patterns recognition in the skin lesions images. Once the research and development of all the algorithms required to detect all existing patterns has been completed, a system integrating all the algorithms will be developed. This system will help dermatologists to deliver a fast and non-invasive diagnosis. Thus, it will help prevent skin cancer and treat it in its early stages, because patients will be more comfortable when tracking their lesions


Duration: 2011.0 - 2011.0



TRIP (Target Recognition using Image Processing) is a vision-based sensor system that uses a combination of 2-D circular barcode tags or ringcodes (see image below), and inexpensive CCD cameras (e.g. web-cams, CCTV cameras or even mobile phone cameras) to identify and locate tagged objects in the cameras’ field of view. Compared with untagged vision-based location systems, the processing demands of TRIP are low. Optimised image processing and computer vision algorithms are applied to obtain, in real-time, the identifier (TRIPcode) and pose (location and orientation) of a target with respect to the viewing camera.