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The goal of this project is to develop an automated, intelligent, modular platform with configurable parameters to manage, recommend and publish real-time information for tourism facilities and equipment, and to provide advanced services for the tourism providers, users and visitors. BaliaTour will use the concept of tourism facilities and equipment (i.e. providers) to categorise stakeholders in the tourism value chain, i.e. as hotels and hotel chains, rural accommodation and resorts, cruise liners, marinas, conference centres, cultural institutions and natural resources (parks). The idea is to create a new ITC-based tourism product that situates Basque technology-based firms in a strategically advantageous position within the tourism sector. The development of this product will be based on knowledge transfer from members of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network to companies working in the sector. For further information, please visit the Balia Tour website(


TRIP (Target Recognition using Image Processing) is a vision-based sensor system that uses a combination of 2-D circular barcode tags or ringcodes (see image below), and inexpensive CCD cameras (e.g. web-cams, CCTV cameras or even mobile phone cameras) to identify and locate tagged objects in the cameras’ field of view. Compared with untagged vision-based location systems, the processing demands of TRIP are low. Optimised image processing and computer vision algorithms are applied to obtain, in real-time, the identifier (TRIPcode) and pose (location and orientation) of a target with respect to the viewing camera.




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