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WebTag: smart tag with embedded web server



Juan José Echevarria
Jonathan Ruiz de Garibay
Juan Ignacio Vázquez
Maite Álvarez
Ana Ayerbe


(), 2011 (), p., -.,, 2011


In the field of traceability is increasingly common to find systems that extend the basic functionality of identification that is demanded. These platforms that leverage usually from RFID are used not only for asset tracking, they can also provide environmental conditions to which items have been exposed, adding value to the supply chain. This paper presents a concept for a new kind of smart tags equipped with a set of sensors and a tiny embedded web server. We highlight the research in the possibility to extend common functionality of smart tags by replacing the custom nonstandard software protocols with the well known TCP/IP standard and the different user interfaces with web browsers, becoming the interaction with the platform in a web browsing model.

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