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Quality in Use of Service Evaluation Framework for Mobile Services



CISTI (), 2010 (), p. 1-4 ,
Santiago de Compostela
, 2010


In a world more and more competitive, where the requirements and demands from technology-aware users grow as the supply is increased, telecom operators face great challenges to be able to deliver their products. In order to achieve this, enterprises are growing awareness of the fact that evaluating the product's internal and external quality is not enough anymore. The user experience and the quality in-use of a product are equally important, if not more. This paper describes a framework for the measure and evaluation of the user experience based on the standard ISO/IEC 9126-4. The evaluation is based on four main aspects: effectiveness, productivity, safety and satisfaction. The aim of this paper is to prove that the evaluation of the quality in use of mobile services can be significantly sped up by the automation of its capture and analysis processes.

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