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Extracting Multiword Expressions using Enumerations of Noun Phrases in Specialized Domains: first experiences



Merley S. Conrado
Walter Koza
JosuKa Díaz Labrador
Joseba Abaitua
Solange O. Rezende
Thiago Pardo


(), 2011 (), p., -.,, 2011


We present a recognition algorithm for enumerations of Noun Phrase (NPEs) whose objective is to detect and extract multiword ex- pression (MWE). The algorithm used syntactic rules elaboration from linguistic information aiming to recognize NPEs. This information corres- ponds to morphological categories (noun, adjective, female, male, etc.). The evaluation takes into account only bigrams found in two different domain corpora of medicine and legal texts. The results are encouraging because, despite the low recall of MWEs, many significant terminological units from the two specialized domains were detected and extracted

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