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Eremedu: Technological tool for telerehabilitation in patients with medulary disorders

Project of DeustoTech Life


Duration 2010 - 2010

Supported by Gobierno Vasco

Funding Program GAITEK

País Vasco

Proyect Code

Financed Amount

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Principal Researcher

Project Manager

Consortium members KernetFekoorDeustotech Life



The e-Remedu project presents the development of a technology platform consisting in hardware and software, to enhance and implement new rehabilitation activities for patients with spinal cord injury. Spinal cord patients have different needs throughout their life with respect to the disease. This project covers the rehabilitation part. Part of this rehabilitation, in the early stages of the disease has to be faced in the hospital and another part must be personal. The main objectives of this project are: - Improve de communication between the doctor and the patients using the ICTs. - Reduce the number of trips to the hospital of the spinal cord patients to monitoring the disease with the specialists. - Design and implement a videoconference system using Internet. - Design and develop a database with rehabilitaion exercises. - Record and save the exercises made by each user, to be reviewed by the specialist subsequently. - Design and develop a prototype sensor that detects the position and the time the patient is in the same position, warning the patient to prevent and/or reduce sores.

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