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Context management in mobile environments: a semantic approach



David Martín
Juan Ignacio Vázquez
Carlos Ruiz
Raúl García-Castro
Carlos Lamsfus
José Manuel Gonzalez
Iker Larizgoitia
Alejandro Cadenas
María Poveda


(), 2009 (), p. 2 , -.,, 2009


This paper presents a first draft of a context management model and architecture in the scope of mobile end-user services, paying special attention to mobile scenarios and specific mobility environments. The paper describes our notion of context and presents the process followed for developing the ontologies for representing context, providing an overview of the first version of these ontologies. Besides, we propose an architecture for managing context in mobile environments, including high-level descriptions of the components that compose it, as well as some low level details regarding the contextual interfaces involved. To show the way all these components interoperate and the advantages of the defined architecture and semantic model, we describe a use case with specific implementation details.

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