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BIOHOME: An Accessible House Designed for Assisted Living



IWANN (), (), p. 671-674 , -.,,


This work in progress describes an integral solution to implement a module-based platform for the control of all the automated systems inside a house. This project is based on the development of a biometrical access control system made by PAS Group in the University of Deusto. The major aim of this work is to develop an accessible way to control a house by the TV. By using the remote control, the clients will manage their houses. Also, it provides global autonomy to the disabled people, especially the old aged people. This will be made by knowing the physical restrictions of the collective who will live in the house. A set of different sensors will control this operation. In order to control all the home automated systems and coordinate the whole platform, this project will implement the OSGI standard. This implementation must ensure the system scalability in terms of enclosing new hardware. Also, it will be developed a ZibBee networking system to allow the communication between all the sensors, the systems and the central processor.

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