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User-Aware Semantic Location Models for Service Provision



Jorge Pérez
Bernhard Klein
Diego López de Ipiña González de Artaza
Christian Guggenmos
Guillermo Gil


(), 2011 (), p., -.,, 2011


Thus far, mobile devices have been used to consume services, rather than to provide and consume (prosume) them. Besides, user localization through mobile phones is usually restricted to GPS outdoors or coarse cell triangulation, otherwise. This paper describes the MUGGES mobile location- aware service prosuming platform, which enables service provisioning directly from mobile phones and integrates the outputs of heterogeneous location methods into a consistent, homogeneous and semantic location model. Such platform has been trialled through four types of location-aware services. The results obtained suggest that the prosumer approach has potential for wide deployment, providing some limitations of current mobile technology are first overcome.

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