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Social Devices: Autonomous Artifacts That Communicate on the Internet.



Diego López de Ipiña González de Artaza
Juan Ignacio Vázquez


IOT (), 2008 (), p. 308-324 , -.,, 2008


The Internet has boosted people collaboration, enabling new forms of exchanging knowledge and engaging in social activities. The Web2.0 paradigm (also called the Social Web) has greatly contributed to this achievement. We believe that the next wave of smart devices and digital objects will leverage the pervasiveness of Internet connectivity in order to form ecosystems and societies of artifacts that implement Internet basedsocial behaviors and interact with existing Internet-based social networks. In this paper, we introduce the concept of social device and describe our experiences creating different kinds of augmented objects that use the Internet in order to promote socialization, look smarter and better serve users. We finally identify several challenges in the researchof devices that behave in social ways

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