Sentient Graffiti

Project of DeustoTech Internet


Duration 2007 - 2007

Supported by Deusto

Funding Program Nuevas tecnologías para la educación

País Vasco

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Sentient Graffiti enables mobile users to profit from the benefits of Ubiquitous Computing in uncontrolled environments, only requiring in exchange, the participation in a community of users interested on publishing and consuming context-aware empowered annotations and services. Users annotate objects and spatial regions with multimedia data or web services which are only made available to other users when those match the contextual attributes (location range, period of time, and so forth) previously assigned to the resources. A virtual graffiti can be thought of as a virtual post-it note in the form of an XML document which combines some content (multimedia presentation or web service front-end) with some keywords summarising the content, and some contextual attributes (profile of creator, location, time interval and so on) which restrict who, when and where can those annotations be seen.

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