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Psycho-Stimulation Therapy by Tangram Game Using Augmented Reality



Begoña García Zapirain
Amaia Méndez Zorilla
Sabin Larrañaga


, Vol. (), p.)


Tangram is a puzzle of Chinese origin which is being used more and more often as a tool for psychomotor activity therapies due to the fact that it boasts a series of advantages, such as spatial orientation, visual-motor coordination and visual perception. This project presents the development of a therapeutic tool based on the game of Tangram using augmented reality techniques. The therapy will continue to employ the traditional physical pieces, but the patient will be able to enjoy a much more entertaining experience when doing the exercises. At the same time, the augmented reality means that obtaining important information can be automated so that the therapist may recreate and assess the patient’s exercises. This therapy tool has been therapeutically specified and successfully trialled by a team of psychologists from a company called “Zuentzat Servicios Psicogerontológicos”, who used their patients as a test group.

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