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Mobile-Human Interaction Monitoring System



(), 2011 (), p., -.,, 2011


Information and Knowledge Society is involved into a more challenging phenomenon than ever. The ability of mobile devices to access information and services from anywhere and anytime is the main reason that empowers the massive usage of this kind of technology. Software quality has to be improved by developing mobile device interaction models according to the user necessities. These necessities have more kind of users than ever. It means the quality in use improvement is vital to the interaction. By this work we aim to give a more explicit point of view of the problems that appear during mobile application quality testing. In order to do so, we have studied a context model for mobile interaction design and the existing ways to capture, analyze and evaluate the user interaction. Finally we present one software solution consisted by a tiny mobile application and a desktop application. The exposed system can capture all necessary information to calculate quality in use metrics defined within ISO/IEC 9126 standard. The contribution revealed is a new approach to quality testing methodology focused on mobile applications where it is possible to improve the reliability of its results by paying special attention to minimize the influence of external elements used to monitor the interaction.

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