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Architecture for WSN Nodes Integration in Context Aware Systems Using Semantic Messages.



Iker Larizgoitia
Juan Ignacio Vázquez
Leire Muguira


ADHOCNETS (), 2009 (), p. 731-746 , -.,, 2009


Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are becoming extremely popular in the development of context aware systems. Traditionally WSN have been focused on capturing data, which was later analyzed and interpreted in a server with more computational power. In this kind of scenario the problem of representing the sensor information needs to be addressed. Every node in the network might have different sensors attached; therefore their correspondent packet structures will be different. The server has to be aware of the meaning of every single structure and data in order to be able to interpret them. Multiple sensors, multiple nodes, multiple packet structures (and not following a standard format) is neither scalable nor interoperable. Context aware systems have solved this problem with the use of semantic technologies. They provide a common framework to achieve a standard de?nition of any domain. Nevertheless, these representations are computationally expensive, so a WSN cannot afford them. The work presented in this paper tries to bridge the gap between the sensor information and its semantic representation, by de?ning a simple architecture that enables the de?nition of this information natively in a semantic way, achieving the integration of the semantic information in the network packets. This will have several bene?ts, the most important being the possibility of promoting every WSN node to a real semantic information source

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