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The main goal of the IADAT-icut2011 Conference is to provide an international forum for researchers, engineers, developers, scientists and technologists in all areas of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems. This conference will offer an excellent opportunity to present, demonstrate and discuss research, development, applications, and the latest innovation and results in the civil and commercial applications.




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Its aim is to deepen and advance the development of strategic research on Internet of Things, developing technology with the aim of facilitating the competitiveness and innovation in ICT, within the Basque Country.


The goal of this project is to design, develop and evaluate a collaborative work environment based on social and semantic Web technologies to support networking innovation models in order to accelerate innovation processes through an architecture of participation and intelligent information management. For further information, please visit the SELENE website (in Spanish).


Duration: 2009.0 - 2011.0

, España

The MUGGES project focuses on services between mobile devices. It will develop basic components and market-ready mobile applications, in order to enable the provision, remote discovery and access of information from one mobile device directly (P2P) to another mobile device. The MUGGES project proposes the usage of GNSS Technology as the main driver of the mobile user-generated social-service paradigm, which represents a very clear current trend of business innovation. For further information, please visit the Mugges website (spanish)(