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ESOFATIC II: Development of the Diagnostics, Rehabilitation and Learning of the Esophageal voice through the use of ICTs

Project of DeustoTech Life


Duration 2010 - 2010

Supported by Gobierno Vasco

Funding Program GAITEK

País Vasco

Proyect Code

Financed Amount

Total Funds

Principal Researcher

Project Manager

Consortium members CAMPUS TELEMATIKA, S.LBizgorreGAIADeustotech Life



This project, ESOFATIC, aims to provide to the laryngectomized associations otolaryngologists, speech pathologist and speech therapists, terminals like PCs with a touch screen or tablets and smarphones for individual use, to measure the progress made throughout the learning process of the esophageal voice. The target population is about 90,000 adults with a small number of women.The objectives of the project are: - Create a database of healthy, pathological and oesophageal voicesSelect accepted voice quality parameters by the scientific community - Develop advanced processing algorithms for accurate measurement of acoustic voice parameters - Improve the learning process of esophageal speech - Involve the group of laryngectomized with new technologies.

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