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ICE-GIC (), 2010 (), p. 1 - 5 ,
.,, 2010


The project described in this paper consists of designing and implementing a multimedia application within the framework of Serious Games. The main aim is to analyze the behavior and to promote certain social skills (conversation, negotiation...) of people with Neurological development Disabilities. The treatment has been planned at three levels. Each level treats a characteristic related to socialization, integration and the expression of feelings. For this purpose, various scenarios have been described (the city, the school and the home) and the user has to pass the test related to social situations. To interact and play this game, people (children and teenagers in this approach) use the Wiimote, chosen due to its simplicity and usability. The results produced by the game have been saved in a database to be analyzed by the instructors at a later date. Not only technological results have been analyzed, but the opinions of users and specialists taking part in the application's validation and piloting have also been taken into account.

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